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My poetry,cartoons,photos and abstract.
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Alfred stepped out of the building.
He kept walking to his car.
Everyone’s voices were muffled, mumbled, for once he wasn't focused.
He kept quiet; causing Arthur, Francis, and Matthew to look up.
He was over the Great Depression.
And all the wars over the years.
He felt better.
It’s been years, he should feel better again.
The perfect country he use to be like he was during the 1920s.
Hyper, loud, life of the party.
He sat into his car.
He turned the ignition on and the started the radio.
He pressed his foot to the gas, the car slowly creeping out of the parking lot.
A piano was heard; Alfred instantly knew it was a Billy Joel song.
What had happened next was odd, the song hit him, hard. He loved music but rarely did it ever make him cry. He slowly pulled the car over into a safe spot near a park. He gripped his blond hair, he slid his glasses off from his teary eyes, he rested his head on the wheel, sobbing.
He knew exactly what was wrong suddenly, why that old feeling of mixed emotions came to him, resurfacing from the 20s.
Toris had recently gained independence, he was the subject of most of the meeting. But Alfred only dug his nails into the table, glaring blindly at a piece of paper. He didn’t say anything. He wasn't independent from anyone.
Because he was independent in the first place, he was always himself, he was never part of the Soviet like Ivan convinced everyone.
But, this still wouldn't  make Alfred deny the abuse Toris went through, he knew it, he swore he had physical telepathy with Toris at some points in the Great Depression; Arthur said it was probably some alcohol drenched illusion and that Alfred was feeling his own pain, not Toris’s.
But Alfred always viewed Toris as Lithuania himself, never the Soviet Union.
He sighed, he should go to talk to him, him and Toris haven’t had a real conversation since the day before he left. Alfred felt guilty, he wanted to help but everyone told Alfred to back off, it was Ivan’s and Toris’s problem, he did back off, he ignored the problem like everyone said to, he ignored it so much he couldn't even accept the fact that Toris was gone and part of the Soviet Union. He ignored it so much he stayed in his own little world of him and Toris, the Great Depression and Soviet Union didn't exist to him until he started getting more stable and was willing to fight, causing the Cold War. But throughout that whole time, he’d see Toris in Ivan’s house, trapped and broken but he painted a smile on his face. He only got to see Toris once in the Soviet days, he wish he hadn't. He was dressed in all gray, his hair was matted and tangled, his green eyes shimmered with the fakest light anyone had seen, his smile was pained, his voice was like a leaf being thrown around in a tornado. All he said was “Hello Mr. America, I hope you are feeling better.” And left the room when Ivan demanded. Ivan’s voice was not its typical softness, it was lower and harsher. Toris trembled and walked back, the countries Latvia and Estonia rubbing his back but the second they touched his back, Toris winced; not out of fear.. but pain? Alfred could tell the difference, he had seen many countries hurt before. He decided it was him being paranoid though and focused back on Ivan; causing a heated, soon-to-get-physical, violent rage between the two.
This went on for years, yet he hadn't seen Toris, Ivan demanded Alfred stay out of the house. That was perfectly fine, they held meetings in the yard. But every now and then Alfred could glance into the house, seeing his beloved country, but he could Toris was only getting worse and worse. Alfred stopped his visits as the Cold War died down.
And So It Goes (Hetalia AmeLiet)
I was listening to the song And So it Goes by Billy Joel while writing this, beautiful song, highly suggested. I adore this pairing and Alfred's more serious side is one of my major weaknesses XD.
"It should be noted that the United States of America never acknowledged Lithuania's incorporation into the Soviet Union, and so recognized Lithuanian independence even when Lithuania was not independent." (Taken from the Hetalia Archives)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Arthur walked to the door slowly. He held his hand to chest as if he had to hold himself back from knocking on the door. But, in all truth, he was worried to death about his son, Alfred. Everyone was aware of Alfred’s economic crash, of course which resulted in them screaming at him- including Arthur himself. He soon felt guilty for being so hard about Alfred’s rash, rushed decision. Yes, Alfred was a total foolish idiot sometimes but all honesty countries hit economic hard times at some point and anyone who was yelling, surely had to be a hypocrite in some way. He gently knocked on the door, after standing for 5 whole minutes, he had no response. He knocked again, causing him to fiddle with the doorknob eventually. The doorknob turned with ease, this was odd; the door was usually locked, Alfred was inviting but since the Great Depression flooded over him, his door was locked. Arthur came the day he heard the stock market crashed. He regretted yet at the same time coming that day, because the scene he saw was not one to be taken easily.
Ivan had been standing in Alfred’s yard, Toris was being watched like some form of prey. The snowy demeanored country only smiled innocently, saying that Toris was ‘coming back home’, that he was ‘going to be a better suited enviroment’, saying all sorts of things in the most convincing manner. He watched Alfred’s face; stern, stoic, it was his way of showing hurt. He forced a shaky smile and hugged Toris. Toris was sobbing hysterically, begging in Lithuanian to not go, saying how much he liked it at Alfred’s. Ivan walked a way for a  minute, heading toward his boss’s car. Toris took the chance and snuck a kiss on Alfred’s lips, a tone of native Lithuanain was heard, Alfred smiled genuinely for a second. But quickly faded back to his dark stoic look as Ivan came back, took the arm of Lithuania, and basically dragged him like a ragdoll to the car. Alfred waved, but the second the car was out of his vicinity, he fell onto the ground; sobbing and screaming incoherently. Arthur ran up to the scene at this point. He grabbed his son into a hug without thinking. Alfred was startled, of course.
“Why are you here?!” He screamed, anger only worsening.
“I was here to check on you after I heard what happened at the meeting, I wasn’t expecting this much.” He tried to keep himself from staying out of the way of Alfred’s rage, he knew how strong the country was.
“Ah, that, when Toris was dragged away from me! The only reason Ivan ever bothered to step here was because Toris agreed to go with him if he could gather a few things from here for memory’s sake. It’s not fair! We know Ivan is far from the definition of  stable and safe. I’m going to fucking kill that commie bastard the second my economy gets stable! I know what harm he can do and he tries so well to hide it.”
Arthur rubbed Alfred’s back as it moved with sobs of rage and sadness.
“You’re only going to cause more war that way, it’s best to let things be. I know you want to protect Toris but it’ll make it worse, you’ll only risk his safety and your safety more.”
He lead Alfred into his house as it had begun to rain. Alfred was weakening though, he could tell already. Alfred instantly went up to his room. When Arthur agreed to leave, after making sure Alfred wasn’t going to hurt himself or anyone, Alfred asked him to the lock the door and not ever let anyone open it again.
As he walked the front door, he locked it, obeying Alfred’s wantings, it’s the least he could for the broken nation.

Arthur turned the door knob and walked inside the house. It was cloudy but the house had no lights on, making it dark with a few blotches of faded sunlight here and there. The living room was undisturbed, a vintage style chair sat beside the window. It was perfectly cleaned, so was the small table beside it. The couch was perfectly in order with pillows and everything.  Books neatly organized on the shelf, he looked to the left; where the kitchen connected. This is what shocked Arthur the most, everything was perfectly clean. There was no cooking utensils to be seen, all tucked in shelves and drawers as he quietly opened them. The sink was empty. He looked into the oven, it had not been used in a while he judged. He looked into the fridge, barely anything was seen. His heart shuddered as he walked up the stairs; an instant smell of cigarette smoke and strong alcohol welcomed him. He heard a lazy hum of a radio, he stood outside Alfred’s bedroom door. He tried to recognize the song. He listened to the lyrics closely.

“You might find the night time the right time for kissing
But night time is my time for just reminiscing
Regretting instead of forgetting with somebody else
There'll be no else unless that someone is you”
He listened closer, he could hear sobbing, he could only imagine the pain he was going through.  He quietly walked down the hallway, he looked into a room he guessed which Toris stayed in because there was a note, written in Lithuanian, laying on the bed.
He turned back around the hallway, focusing on the song again as its eerie echoes of the lyrics made their way down the hallway.
“I intend to be independently blue
I want your love but I don't want to borrow
I have it today and give back tomorrow
For my love is your love but there's no love for nobody else”
He put his hand on the door and turned the knob. Again, it was unlocked; had Alfred expected someone? He opened the door with a slow creak, a green eye peaked in at the depressed country. He stepped on foot in, allowing himself to be seen. But the blue eyed country didn’t even bother to look or flinch as the figure made its way into the room. Arthur was horrified and heartbroken when he saw what state his son was in. Dead cigarettes laid all around the floor and the bed, burn stains on the carpet and bed sheets. Alcohol bottles lazily scattered across the floor. There was only a small sign of actual eating, a plate that had been sitting on the table beside the wrecked bed for possibly weeks. Alfred was curled up like an injured animal in the middle of his bed, sheets wrapped tightly around him. He was sobbing, the radio sat beside his bed; his only companion now. A book was at the end, it possessed no title but Arthur didn’t want to pry into his business. He fully stepped into the room and sat on the only chair, which was oddily clear from the sad debris.
“Alfred?” He said as gentle as possible.
A noise, muffled, came as a response.
“I know you know I’m here, please, I know you are not at the best state obviously, but do not give up. You are one the greatest nations and will always be, these hard times will pass.”
“Lies, just like the ones Ivan said to me.”
“What are you speaking of?”
“He said Toris would be safe, Toris somehow sent a letter to me-“ His voice was caught by sobs.
“You don’t have to tell me anymore if you don’t want to.”
Alfred turned on his back and slightly propped himself up; he attempted to make teary eye contact with Arthur.
“Arthur, he lied, Toris is hurt, bad. I could just tell by his writing.”
“Hurt? Like, physically?”
“I don’t know, I’m so worried about him, whether it be physical, mental, or emotion, he’s getting hurt somehow I can just sense it.”
Arthur sighed, he now moved to the end of his bed, he expected Alfred to be in rage but even the depression killed that part of him.
“The economy’s not the only thing that’s crashing, Arthur.”
Love me or Leave me (Hetalia Great Depression fic)
This is about Alfred's emotional decline in the Great Depression when Toris had to leave him. This from Arthur's perspective, I apologize for any mischaracterization. I'm not trying to make any character out to be evil or anything, I love all these characters mentioned in the fic XD.
Ameliet (Nekotalia) Come along with me~ by wildleafcat22
Ameliet (Nekotalia) Come along with me~
Come along with me, to a town beside the sea, we can wonder through the forest and do so as we please~
I was listening to the Island Song by Lake when I was inspired to draw this, I wish I got more detailed but I haven't drawn with a tablet in a while. I think I did pretty well with matching their expression to their personalities though.
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I haven't really updated Deviantart, I guess I should try drawing more. Maybe some Nekotalia like my AusHun drawing I did an awesome job over a year ago.
For those of you wondering; other forms of contact are always available. 
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My name is Meagan, Meg for short. I've been on Deviantart for some time now but I don't really update that much. I adore Hetalia, Daft Punk, bunnies, cereal, language, and poetry. I'm a nice introvert who's always willing to give advice. Drawing helps me and is generally a hobby of mine, I'm trying to develop my styles more now. I adore writing and it comes very natural to me. I'm a faithful yet nonjudgmental Christian, I'm very friendly and open minded so don't worry. I've been in a wonderful relationship for two years now, the person I'm with is amazing and I love him so much.

"I regret the ending of our friendship but I hope one day before we die we'll make peace with each other". ~Paul Simon to Art Garfunkel

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Stamp - Hetalia .:ONA:. by PixAlchemist Feed me with AMELIET by ChokorettoMilku APH Lithuania blooper quote by Tea-Strawberry
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