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May 21, 2013
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The black haired 8-year-old rolled out of bed. His mom slipped his dark, olive green shirt on; matching his eyes.
A pair of brown shirts were matched. His messy hair was lazily combed; not too interested in looks and plus, the tangles hurt.
He ate a bowl of cereal as cartoon echoed on the TV, he slid off the barstool and brushed his teeth.
Backpack, lunch, bus; school.
It was a typical brown bricked elementary school with one floor. When you enter, it's instantly the cafeteria; then two doors sunk into hallways which led to hundreds of classrooms.
October walked to the slightly secluded lunch table. It had all months; only difference, boys sat on the left, girls sat on the right. Simple as that.
Boys growled and fought; girls giggled and cried over anything. Boys got a scrape and moved on; girls got a scrape and acted like the world was ending.
But; he didn't one strength of one of the girls, the feisty blonde who was always screaming, throwing rocks or food at him. They always had a hatred and rivalry ever since kindergarten.
The adults insisted the months would grow out of it and would be basically forced to work together when they're older.
"Fat chance" October hatefully thought, "I would never even LOOK at her; whether I'm 10 or 100.". Even age 10 felt like a long ways away.
The school day zoomed by; lunch was quickly eaten and the months mobbed to the playground. Reccess; time for war.
There was a tree and a rock wall. The girls stayed on the side of the rock wall with the tree; the boys stayed on the other side of the rockwall that was closer to the playground.
February stood up; her skirt was annoying, why couldn't she wear pants like June or July? Her ponytail painfully pulled at her lightened hair.
She walked to the other side of the rockwall, this was called for a meeting.
"Hello February" October's green eyes flared like a forest fire.
"Hello October" February's blue eyes glared with icy hatred.
August and September were building something with woodchips and rocks, it looked like a mini fortress.
February glanced more; November was coming back with an icepack, he had been complaining about his shoulder all day.
December was keeping his usual quiet self; what a creepy kid, both his and June's silence were really weird to her, kids were suppose to chatter all the time.
March was on the opposite side; she saw December and November.
November's eyes were tearing up; he cried a lot. A lot of the human kids called him a crybaby and would shove him over, calling him that.
March saw him pull down the sleeve so he could see his shoulder; he gasped and cried harder. A bruise lay on his shoulder, darkened purple and March could tell it hurt.
What did he do? Fall off of something? November was always climbing the rock wall. Did a rough house, playful fight get a little too serious among the boys?
He cried harder; December had his hand on the other shoulder, he didn't say anything but March could tell by the look he was giving November; he was sad.
November turned his head and whispered "My daddy did this.". March could hear it; she stood there in shock, why would a daddy do that? They're suppose to love their child.
December's blue eyes had the same shock. December patted November's shoulder again and said something; March couldn't tell because she had backened away, she was way too close if she could hear November say that.
March stood there; as she watched November cry and December sit there; stoicly beside him.
February was arguing with October; August stood up and pulled a notebook out.
"Guys, I hate to say this." His voice trembled.
October spun around; his anger still lingered.
"An argument can only last 5 minutes or else it's considered being around a girl too long."
"It has only been 5 minutes! I've been counting" October screeched.
September showed him his watch, "Actually it's been 5 and 47 seconds."
"47 seconds? That's not even an hour" October yelled.
February backed away; she knew a punishment lay at hand.
"You know what happens if you stay around a girl too long? You fall in love, have you ever seen the movies?" August stood taller than October, quoting the notebook laws.
October gagged, "I would never fall in love with that demon hippo over there!"
February ran up to October, pushing him over and sitting on top of him; yanking his midnight colored hair.
October screamed; "Ahhh! I'm being infected, get the girl off of me! Call another girl so you guys don't get infected, too!"
March ran over; she gave one last glance at the two hurt friends then focused on her leader February.
February's pulled more; making October struggle. He was scared to move though, he was already close enough and was going to already be punished.
March pulled February off while saying "Steady, steady; you've proved your point."
October sat there in complete shock. The other boys stared; trying to surpess their giggles in the fact their leader got pinned down by a girl.
February spit on his face; "You disgusting little boy creature! You sewage garbage child! You are disgusting; when we have to work together when we're older, you're defiantly not going to be my friend!"
"You little-" August cut October off from the insults.
"Um, well you've touched the girl; there is even more of a punishment."
"What now?!" October screamed.
"You have to um..go get the others; okay?"
October and February both did the unique whistles of their groups; summoning the boys and girls.
The groups stared, August moved February face-to-face with October.
"Um, the notebook rules say; keep in mind both groups agreed on this, er; a boy and girl must kiss for 5 seconds if they come in contact."
Screams, shrieks, and gagging noises were a responsive choir.
The silence was sudden and both groups shared sympathy for once.
February felt sick; but a really weird kind, she couldn't do this. She was suppose to hate him, you know what happens when you kiss someone.
You feel and act funny, you fall in love with them; kissing is literally brainwashing and it was disgusting, also forbidden.
But; if you denied the notebook rules, you were forever banished and February worked hard becoming the leader besides she was great friends with the girls.
She leaned up to October; their lips robotically pressing.
February pulled back as quick as possible, gagging and gasping for breath.
October stood there; in sickened shock. They both couldn't even look at each other without wanting to throw up and leave the country.
All the other months stood there; in complete shock and sympathy.
"We shall never mention this or repeat this action ever again among these two" August said closing the notebook.

[Flash forward]
October lazily sat in the cafeteria seat; all the months were divided in their friendship groups.
February was griping at him about his posture; he smiled smoothly.
"Okay, you demon hippo." He smiled; he knew February absolutely hated that elementary nickname.
She shoved him and the seat over, "You saw where that got us!"
He smiled, "Exactly" Getting on his knees and kissing her on the forehead.
February smiled; how could such an extreme childhood hatred turn into an almost perfect romance? Even the month of love couldn't answer that.
Two major events that foreshadowed and set the foundations of middle school for the months. Now in their second year of middle school; almost their last.
glaze-angelbunny Featured By Owner May 21, 2013   Writer
Alright named after months.
glaze-angelbunny Featured By Owner May 21, 2013   Writer
Alright named after months.
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